How does Form Signature feature work? - iOS & Android Version

Have you ever felt the need to formalise your on site controls? Thanks to this update, it is now possible!

The "Signature" feature allows you to add one or multiple mandatory signatures when one of your collaborators fills out a Form.

You can now request a mandatory signature by blocking the completion of a Form if it is not signed by all of the stakeholders involved in your checklist.

How to use Form Signature

  1. On your form template file at “Allow signatures” column, fill “TRUE” value in all the questions and sections template rows (Keep in mind that you can only upload it from your computer in the COMPANY tab).

  1. Create a new Form in the List using the previous form template. For more information regarding how to create a Form please read this article
  2. Fill this Form using iOS Mobile App.

  1. After completing the form, click on “Add signature”
  2. Draw your signature and press “Add” button
  3. In the following form, fill in your personal details and press “Validate” button.
  4. Finally, you can generate your report which includes your signature!

You can see 3 different examples of form templates including signature feature:

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