Working Week

You are able to select the Working Week for each of your tasks so that they include the correct number of working days. Currently, we allow for the following Working Weeks:

Monday - Thursday
Monday - Friday (default)
Monday - Saturday
Monday - Sunday

You can edit the Working Week for a task by selecting the task and editing it.

To update your tasks in bulk you can use the Table Editor or the CSV reimport.

Project Progress Percent

When calculating the progress of your projects, we use the total number of working days. The number of working days is determined by the duration of each task and the working week selected.

For example, if the working week is Mon-Fri, we will only count 10 working days for a 2 week task.

Importing Working Weeks

When we import your files, we do not transfer the project calendar or working weeks. We assign a Working Week to each task depending on the start and end date.

  • If the start/end date does not include a Saturday or Sunday, the Working Week is Monday - Friday.
  • If the start/end date includes a Saturday, but no Sunday, the Working Week is Monday - Saturday
  • If the start/end date includes a Sunday, the Working Week is Monday - Sunday

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