How can I re-open a Form previously completed?

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An Expert, Enterprise or Enterprise+ license is required


To re-open a Form already completed, you must:

  • Access your account via the web or mobile application.
  • Have an APROPLAN Enterprise licence.
  • Create and complete a Form.

Steps to re-open a Form in the Web Application:

  1. Select the Project you‘re working on
  2. Access Forms Window:

  3. Select the Form you want to re-open and click on the “DONE” dropdown arrow:

  4. Select “In progress” option:

  5. Wait a couple of seconds and the selected Form will be marked as “In Progress” again:

  6. Everytime a Form is re-opened and completed, a report is generated so you can keep track of the Form structure, the times the Form has been changed and the modification date and time:

Steps to re-open a Form in the Mobile Application:

  1. Select the Form you want to re-open and press the  “Show Form” button:

  2. In Form view, click on the edit icon:

  3. A pop-up window appears notifying you that your action will change the status of the Form from “Done” to “In Progress”, so you will be able to re-open the selected form. In order to proceed, click on the “I understand” option:

  4. You can now edit your template and close it again by pressing the blue button at the bottom of your screen:

  5. You can access all the Form changes by the generated reports of different Form versions:

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