How download a document ? - Web Version

You can download a document anytime from APROPLAN to get it on your desktop.

You can download documents one by one or you can download several of them at a time.

There is a limit, however: you can download 10 documents at a time with a limit of 50MB.

As far as pictures are concerned, you can download 50 pictures at a time with a limit of 50MB as well.

Download a document:

  • To download a document, go over it with your mouse and click on the download icon on the right.
  • Depending on which browser you use, a pop-up window will appear, on which you can choose to open or to download the document, and then click on OK. It could be that the download starts immediately without a pop-up window appearing.
  • When downloading the document from APROPLAN, it is saved in the downloads folder of your computer.

Download several documents at a time:

  • To download several documents at a time, you should first tick the documents you wish to download and then click on the top right corner on the download icon.
  • A message appears on the bottom left corner of the screen, informing you that you will be notified when your documents are ready to be downloaded.
  • A new message appears on the same place to inform you that you can download the documents. Click on Download.
  • The documents will be saved in the downloads folder of your computer.

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