How to assign one or more people and plan the due date of your quality, safety and environmental controls ? - Version iOS & Android

In APROPLAN it is possible to define a due date for your Form.

• Access your account via the mobile application.

You can assign people and set a due date to a Form when it is created, as well as when the Form is already defined.

When creating a Form:

1. Select your Project

2. Select Forms and then Form.

3. Select the desired form type from Safety, Quality and Environment.

4. You must define the due date and the person (s) in charge at the same time as creating the task.

 If you want to add or change the date on a Form already created:

1. Select your Form.

2. You can directly edit the Due date and User in charge by clicking in the corresponding fields


If you wish, it is possible to classify the forms to be completed according to their due date or the users in charge.


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