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ℹ️ First of all, it is essential to understand the difference between a Form template and a Form.

The creation of a template is done at the level of the company. This template can then be used by the various stakeholders of your projects to allow them to create control lists more easily and based on your models.

The first step to work and collaborate within a Form is to create the template that can then be used during your various security or environment quality controls.

Once created, the users who have the necessary access rights will be able to create Forms based on these templates. Subsequently all users participating in your project will be able to access the Forms that will be assigned beforehand.

Public Form Templates

Now, apart from creating your own Form templates, you can download and use our certified models from the new template library.

Get access to our Form template library 
  1. Go to the public template library in our website:
  2. Click on the Form template that you’d like to get acces

  1. Press “Add to my company” button.

  1. Log in to the LetsBuild Web Application ( and navigate to “Company” window in the main page.

  1. Click on the “+” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  1. Drag & drop or locate the form template you have downloaded, by clicking on “browse” option (1) and then click on “Import” button (2).

Congratulations! The Form template is now uploaded in your company and it’s ready to be used by all your company members!

Create your template

To be able to load a new form template beforehand, you must:

• Access your account via the web application

• Be the manager of a company

• Have an LetsBuild Enterprise license

1. Go to the Company tab

2. Access the Templates

3. Open and then click the "+" button at the bottom right.

4. A window opens, from which 2 steps are available to you.

Step 1: Create a new template

The easiest way to start is to download the example in Excel version.

1. Once the Excel document has been downloaded, open the spreadsheet named DATA. (Don't rename this sheet).

The table to be completed is in two parts.

First you must complete the Template section (in blue), i.e. the information about the Form itself.

2. The first column will be completed by the LetsBuild application which will be automatically responsible for generating the information during your first model import.

3. Complete the 3 required columns, these columns are:

Template title: Name your Form.

Template type: this column is completed as a drop-down list. Select from the 3 different types of controls: Safety ; Quality and Environment.

Template language code: Select the language. This column is completed as a drop-down list.

All the values of each of these 3 columns should be the same !

4. The following 3 columns, Template Archived Date, Template Creator Alias and Template Creation Date are Once again LetsBuild application will complete these columns for you.

You now go to the Form Template Question section (in pink).

5. The Question id column should . LetsBuild automatically loads the information when you first import a template.

6. Complete the following columns:

Question Title: This column is mandatory, it allows you to name your question.

Question Description: This column is optional, it allows you to add a description to your question to give it more context.

Question Type: this column is mandatory and is complete as a drop-down list, it defines the type of question

  • FreeText: Open question, the respondent will have to enter a text.
  • DateTime: the respondent will have to select a date from the calendar.
  • PredefinedString: the question will be answered by a choice between a few possibilities (such as "yes" or "no").
  • FreeNumber: open numerical question, the respondent will have to enter a number.
  • PredefinedNumber: the respondent will have to select from a limited number of numerical responses.

Question Predefined Choices: This column is required if the question type is: PredefinedString, PredefinedNumber, and Multiplechoice.

⚠️⚠️ This column requires a particular writing style: write your different answer possibilities in quotation marks. Instead of putting a space between your different answers, press "OPTION" then "ENTER" if you are using a Mac and "ALT" then "ENTER" if you are on Windows.

Minimum Question and Maximum Question, these columns are optional and only possible if the question type is: FreeNumber. This allows you to define a minimum or maximum number in the answers to your questions.

Question MaxLength, this column is optional and can be completed only if your question is of open type (FreeText). This limits the number of characters in the text.

Question is Archived: Must not be completed when uploading a new Form.

Question Archive Date: Must not be completed when uploading a new Form.

Question Conformity Rules: In braces, the response will be considered compliant if it is within the defined value range {"min", "max"}.

If in brackets, the answer will be considered compliant if it is listed in the table ["Yes", "Maybe"].

7. After saving the final version of your document, you can now load the new Form into LetsBuild by navigating to step 2. Click Browse, then select the Excel document in your computer (or drag your file into the space displayed in dashed lines). To finish, click on loading.

Your new Form is in your Templates list and will be available in the different lists (communication channels) of your different projects.

Got a problem? Contact our support here or ask your questions online directly on the app.

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