Create a Project

To create a new project, click on the green button on your Projects Dashboard, Add a New Project.

The first step is to name the project and to add a cover image (optional).

There is three ways to make a project:

  1. Import a programme
  2. Use a Template
  3. Create a programme

Import a programme

You can import an existing programme. We accept the following formats:

-Microsoft Project (both mpp and xml)

-Asta PowerProject



To learn more about Importing, read this article.

Use a Template

You can copy an existing Geniebelt Project that you have access to.

Select the project and the start date you want the project to have.

We will then create a new project with the exact structure as the project you selected. We copy task names, groups, task durations and dependencies.

Create a programme

You can create your own custom programme, with all the tasks, milestones, and groups you need.

  • To make new tasks, milestones or groups, click the hammer icon in the tool bar.
  • To edit the details of the tasks, milestones, and groups, simply click on them and the right hand side panel will open, showing the details. Click on the pencil icon to edit.
  • To update the group structure and how tasks are ordered vertically, open the left hand side panel. Use the dots icon to drag the tasks/groups up and down, and in and out of groups/subgroups. Pay attention to the dark line to signify when it enter/exits a group.
  • Within the gantt, you can edit start date and end date of a task by hovering over it, clicking on either of the bottom set of icons and dragging the task.
  • With the top set of icons, you can create dependencies.
  • By clicking on the dependency's line, it will open the right hand panel, which will allow you to edit the dependency.
  • To control whether the dependency is manual or automatically scheduled, select the successor task and edit the tasks settings.

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