How to use the company dashboard? - Web Version

Company Dashboard is a feature that generates progress dashboards in the company level. 

To access company dashboard you must:

  1. Select Company tab
  2. Click on Dashboard

Company Dashboard

Firstly, you can select the member(s) of the company that you’d like to generate an activity dashboard for (1) . 

The app calculates the creation of all (2):

  • The Projects created in the app by the selected members. Learn more about how to create a project here
  • All Forms that were created and uploaded by the selected members. You can find more information about how to create a form here.
  • All Points added in all projects by the selected members. More information on how to add a point is available here.
  • Logins: How many times the selected members logged in the app.

The metrics automatically refresh the page every 5 minutes.

Dashboards by range

In this section, individual charts are generated for each activity (projects, forms, points and logins) the selected members did, for the time range you select.

Forms Dashboard

Generated dashboards with the number of forms created from the selected members (presented in different colors), by month.

If you click on each color, you can see more details about the activity of the member.

Points Dashboard

This dashboard presents the number of points created from the selected members (presented in different colors), by month.

Logins Dashboard

In this graph you can see the number of application logins each member did, by month.

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