Task Statuses

Each task in your projects has a color and icon, which represents the given status of the task. It makes following the progress of your project and tasks very easy and intuitive.

Overview of Status Icons/Colors

Task Status Definitions

The different states of the tasks helps you where to focus, and where you are with your project. Even though the states are pretty self-explanatory here's a run-through of their meaning:

  • Not started: Task is scheduled in the future and has not yet been started
  • In progress: Task has been started and the progress is ahead of schedule
  • Delayed: Task should have started but hasn't or the task has progress but is behind schedule
  • Problem: A problem has been reported on this task
  • Awaiting Sign-Off: Task is reported 100% and awaiting approval
  • Complete: Task has been signed-off and verified by a project administrator

Every task that has progress reported and isnt 100%, will show the percentage reported to the right of the task. We also represent this percentage by filling in the task bar in the color of the status.

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