GenieBelt and P6, MSP, Asta

Many of our customers use P6, MSP and/or Asta for their planning. They continue to use their planning program, and use our import/reimport process to sync GenieBelt with their schedule so that they can use GenieBelt to easily share the project with their entire team, collaborate, communicate and gather real-time updates in one place so they can better manage their project.

The simple process is as follows:

  1. Import your project file into GenieBelt
  2. Invite your team and assign them tasks
  3. Get updates and communication in GenieBelt
  4. Put the real-time progress back into your master file
  5. Make edits/changes in your master file
  6. Reimport the updated master file into GenieBelt so they are synced and matched

Some images to visualize the process:

Some key things to understand about this process:

  1. You must maintain the original file you imported into GenieBelt from Asta/MSP/P6. The sync relies on the root ID attached to each task, and if you use a copy or altered file, it will fail.
  2. GenieBelt is only to be used for assigning tasks, adding tags, getting updates and communication. You will not be updating dates or structure in GenieBelt. That continues in your planning program.
  3. We do not support dependencies other than Finish to Start, but dependencies are not needed in this process, though, as no date changes or editing will occur in GenieBelt. It is recommend to only import the Finish to Start.
  4. We dont import complex data or planning structures. If you have circular dependencies or multiple tasks on one line, for example, these could throw and error or might be adjusted in the GenieBelt project.

If you have any questions or issues, write us on the chat and share your file and we can review the situation.

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