How archive / unarchive a document ? - Web Version

You can archive a document if you do not need it anymore.

  • You should go over it with your mouse and click on the 3 little dots
  • You can then choose between Edit, Archive, Delete and show details of the document.

Depending on your access rights, you can or cannot edit, archive or delete the document.

  • After clicking on the 3 little dots, select Archive.
  • The document was successfully archived.
  • After refreshing the documents list, you will only see the active documents

An archived document can be unarchived.

  • You should click on the filter icon to the left of the search bar and then click on Archived documents.

  • You will see the archived documents are displayed in italics.
  • If you go over one of them with your mouse, you will see the 3 little dots again, on which you can click...
  • ... and then select Unarchive
  • The document has successfully been made active again
  • Finally, click on the filter icon again (to the left of the search bar) to display the active documents again.

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