How to create and edit a Form ? - Version iOS & Android

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An Expert, Enterprise or Enterprise+ license is required

Please pay attention, only managers and admin can create a Form.

On your iPad, click on the green <<+>> button on the bottom of your screen.

Then select Form to create a new Form.

You will have the choice between 3 categories of templates. (Safety - Quality - Environment).

Select the template you wish to use by choosing it in right category.

On the next screen you will have to fill in the general information of your Form.

- Name

- List (select the list from the droplist)

- Category (Link the category of your choice with the droplist)

- Due date

- User in charge (warning: only the user in charge can complete and finalize the Form)

Do not forget to save after having filled in this information.

There are 3 different status for a Form.

- To do

- In progress

- Done

Once a Form is Done, the admin/manager can not edit it anymore.

Your Form is now created.

All participants (but subscontractors) who are invited in the project/list will be able to view these forms.

By clicking on 

in the upper right corner, you can move the Form to a list

Warning: You can only edit the Forms that have the "To Do" or "In Progress" status. You need administrator or manager access rights to edit forms. Administrators can edit all forms, and managers can edit forms they created.

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