Excel Plugin - getting started

The LetsBuild Excel plugin allows you to improve the way you work in LetsBuild by having the possibility to export and import all your LetsBuild data directly in Microsoft Excel. 

Thanks to it, managing your LetsBuild projects have never been that simple! 

  • Create and modify data in bulk from your favourite spreadsheet software
  • Export and get insights for all points and forms in multiple projects and lists

System requirements 

  • Microsoft® Excel version 2010 or more recent 
  • Windows 7 or more 
  • Any desktop / laptop computer with : 2.0 GHz CPU with dual-core processor minimum (Recommended: 2.8 Ghz 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores or better or equivalent AMD processor)

Any better configuration will allow the plugin to run smoother and faster on big LetsBuild projects, which may consume some additional resources. 

How to get it? 

For the moment, Excel plugin is currently under a beta program. 

In order to get access to the program, download it from this link: https://aproplan.com/external_files/plugins

Installation process

When you have access to the executable .msi file containing the Excel plugin, it is quite simple to install. 

Following the same installation process of any other desktop application, just open the file, click on "next", then terminate

Note that you may have to install additional components in order to run the plugin (.NET framework, VSTO runtime). In that case, contact your IT department or our customer support (via the small green button on the bottom right of your screen). We will assist you through the process of the plugin installation. 


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