How do I edit a document ? - Web Version

You can always edit the data of an already existing document in LetsBuild.

Depending on your access rights, you can or cannot edit the document.

  • You should go in your project, then access the Entire project and click on the Documents section.

You can display your documents in three different ways:

  1. Thumbnails overview:

2) List overview of the documents:

3) Overview of the folder structure:

To edit the document, click on this icon :

You will find it in all the different types of overview when you go over a document with your mouse.

You will then see the following options appear, click on Edit.

Another window appears, in which you can:

  • edit the document's title which appears in LetsBuild
  • insert a comment which will be linked to the uploaded document
  • edit or insert a reference

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