Manage the traceability of interconnected points in your different communication channels

The illustration above allows you to better understand the user intent behind the duplication of your points between your different lists.

During a reception, the architect, armed with his tablet and APROPLAN application, noticed an anomaly in the ventilation pipes. He creates a point on the plan (1). The architect links and assigns this point to the general contractor in the list, "Site reception" (2), where the architect and the general contractor collaborate and communicate on the various site anomalies.

In turn, the general contractor, notified by APROPLAN of a task to be solved, duplicates this point of non-compliance in list 2 to assign this point to the subcontractor in charge of the HVAC part (3). The subcontractor is then notified that a task has to be performed - which he would execute and complete.

Once the task has been performed and closed by the subcontractor, thanks to the points interconnection, the general contractor can proceed to inform the architect that the task has been resolved (4).

Maintain the confidentiality of the actors interactions:

The link between the initial point and its copy not only allows the general contractor to communicate with its subcontractors confidentially but also to trace the information as soon as it evolves so that the author of the initial remark is warned of any change.

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