Download PDF Gantt Chart

At any time you may download a copy of your project as a PDF file for printing or sharing.

This PDF file gives you a realtime snapshot of your project in a Gantt chart.

You can take a snapshot of your whole construction programme or you may snapshot the view of your project after you have applied any filters or search terms in your Gantt view. This means you can also download and print tailored charts to share with people or teams with only the tasks and information that you need them to concentrate on.

To share or print a PDF file, select "Download PDF" once you have the Gantt view you want to share or print.

The preview shows you the exact view that will be printed or saved to your PDF file.

You can change the paper size and orientation of the file you want to print or share. This may be A4 to A0 paper sizes

Landscape or portrait orientation.

You may choose to print directly from GenieBelt or download the PDF file to print or share locally.

Use the preview to make sure all you tasks fit properly onto the pages you want to download. You may have to go back into your Gantt view and resize or reposition your view of the tasks that you see on your computer screen to get the best results.

Example: This project view does not fit everything into an A4 PDF.

This view is too wide to fit onto an A4 landscape PDF file, the task names and information are cut off on the left.

If the same Gantt view is zoomed out and moved a little over to the right.

It fits perfectly for printing:

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