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It is highly probable that you will not need to keep points that have been created, discussed, executed and finally checked.

You can choose to archive them so that they do not show up anymore in the list of active points.

  • You simply need to go over the point(s) with your mouse and you will find the archive icon on the right.

!Depending on the access rights you have on the project and on the list in which the point(s) have been created, you may or not archive the point. Consequently, you might not see the icon if you do not have the required access rights.

  • After clicking on this icon, you will see that the point has indeed been archived.
  • You should then click at the top right corner on the refresh icon in order not to see the point appear anymore in the list of active points.

Unarchiving (making the point active again)

You can always have a look at archived points by applying the correct filter. You can also make them active again if needed.

  • To do this, you should click at the top of the screen, left to the search bar, on the icon 

and then select the archived points.

  • In the search bar, you should now see the filter Archived points instead of Active points, and all your archived points are now displayed in italics.
  • If you go over a point with your mouse, you will see the unarchive icon on the right.
  • After clicking on this icon, you will see that the point has indeed been unarchived.

!Finally, you will need to switch the filter to Active points again to see only the active points. The point you have just unarchived will be displayed in the list.

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