Multi Assign

Our Multi Assign feature allows you to assign multiple people to a task. 

It allows all of the assignees to receive notifications for this task and for all of them to gain visibility of these tasks within the Mobile Your Tasks view, along with other reporting.

It also brings greater clarity of who is involved on a task to others in the project.

How to Assign Multiple People

You can assign multiple people to a task through different methods. 

All Admin users can assign multiple people to a task. As well, any member assigned to a task is given the right to assign multiple people to that particular task, not on other tasks.

1. Open the Task Panel, click on the Assignee section and you will receive a drop-down of users in your network. Select the first user you want to assign the task. After that, the drop down will automatically appear for you to select the second user you want to assign.

2. Open the left hand side Panel, where a list of groups and tasks are located. Use the shift/ctrl command to multi-select a number of tasks. Once you select a number of tasks, the right hand side Panel will open up. There will be an option in the drop down to Replace Assignee. From here you can select multiple people to assign all the highlighted tasks.

Currently, you are unable to assign multiple people from the Table Editor, CSV/P6/MPP/Asta import.


Once multiple users are assigned a task, all assignee will:

  • Be visible on the Mobile App.
  • See the tasks from their Your Tasks view
  • Receive notifications for this task
  • Be visible on any report

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