Our Reimport function is a good way to make bulk changes and updates to your project.

In this article, we will outline the process of Reimporting files from MS Project, Asta and Primavera, which essentially allows you to sync your native project planning tool with Geniebelt. They control the planning, while Geniebelt controls the progress and communication.

You can also Reimport a CSV/Excel file of your project, which is useful for making bulk changes like adding tags, assignee emails and new tasks. To learn more about this method, read this article.

To do a Reimport, you need be a Project Leader or Project Admin. It can be accessed within the Task Section.

Reimporting MS Project, Asta and Primavera

To use Reimport for these planning tools, you must first import the file into Geniebelt initially. Please read our Import article to understand this process.

It is important to note that in order for Reimport to work correctly, you must reimport the same file you used for the initial import. This is to ensure the existing tasks are synced correctly. When we import a file, we pull their ids to match the tasks later when reimporting. This also means that you if delete a task within your file after import and then recreate that task, it will not match the task in Geniebelt as the ids will not be consistent.

How does it work?

When we Reimport a file, we will first update the Group and Task Structure. Then we will update the existing tasks, add new tasks and then highlight Geniebelt tasks that do not match the reimport file. As mentioned this is all done by matching task ids:

  • Any Geniebelt task that matches a task on the reimport file will be updated. We update name, start/finish date, assignee, grouping, ordering.
  • Any task in the reimported file that does not match a task in the Geniebelt project, will have a new Geniebelt task created.
  • Any Geniebelt task that does not match a task in the reimported file, will be moved to a group at bottom of the project for later deletion or data maintenance.


The dependency structure of the reimport file will overwrite any existing dependencies in Geniebelt. As with the import, we only support finish to start dependencies. By default we will ignore any other dependencies, but we do provide the option for you to import all other dependencies. We convert them to finish to start dependencies.

Progress Percent

Any progress percent in the reimport file will be ignored, as we expect Geniebelt to house the latest progress percent.

We are considering whether to pull progress percent for new tasks. Until then, you will have to add these using our Reimport CSV/Excel option.

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