What is required to use AproPLAN ? - Web Version

To use APROPLAN, all you need is a PC or Mac and an internet connection.

To use APROPLAN on the field you need an iPad, Android, or iPhone. You can download APROPLAN in the App store or Play store. A 3 G connection isn't necessary, as long as you connect to the internet from time to time, to synchronize your data with the web.

Note: Don't forget to preload the documents and pictures you need on site. Otherwise you will not be able to open and see them.

In case there is a synchronization problem with your data, you should check that the APROPLAN version is up to date on your device. To do the update you should insert APROPLAN in the search bar of the App store or Play store and download / open the latest version from here.

Got a problem? Contact our support here or ask your questions online directly on the app.

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