How archive / unarchive a point ? - Version iOS & Android

Archive one point :

When you are in the list of your points, click on a point to open its details tab, you will then see the archive button in the upper right corner :

When you archive the point, it will disappear from your list of active points.

Archive several or all points :

You can also archive several points with a multi-edit

  • To activate the multi-edit, you have to tick for 2 seconds on a point of your list, this point will then become green.
  • You can then select all the points you want or tick on 

  • Tick finally on archive, your selected points will be archived.

Unarchive one or several points

  • To unarchive a point or several points, you first have to filter on all you archived points.

  • For this you have to tick on the advanced search function on top of your list of points

  • The advanced search will then be opened. Here you just have to tick on archived and on search.

  • All your archived points will be displayed, with the exact number of archived points at the top left corner .

  • To select them you have to do the same action as when you archive them, by ticking for 2 seconds on one and ticking on other points or on select all
  • Click then on  

to unarchive

  • To go back to my archived / active points I have to tick again on the search icon 

  • To filter on all and tick on search

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