How archive / unarchive a point ? - Version iOS & Android

Archive one point :

When you are in the list of your points, you have to click on

right to the point to archive the point. When you archive the point, it will disappear from your list of active points.

Archive several or all points :

You can also archive several points with a multi-edit

  • To activate the multi-edit, you have to tick for 2 seconds on a point of your list, this point will then become green.
  • You can then select all the points you want or tick on 

  • Tick then on  

to open the little menu, with all the functions you can use, for a multi-edit of your points.

Tick finally on archive, your selected points will be archived.

Unarchive one or several points

  • To unarchive a point or several points, you first have to filter on all you archived points.

  • For this you have to tick on the search function on top of your list of points

  • The advanced search will then be opened. Here you just have to tick on archived and on done.

  • All your archived points will be displayed, with the exact number of archived points at the top left corner .

  • To select them you have to do the same action as when you archive them, by ticking for 2 seconds on one and ticking on other points or on select all
  • Tick then on  

to select unarchive

  • To go back to my archived / active points I have to tick again on the search icon 

  • To filter on all and tick on done

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