Overview presentation of the Forms - Web Version

Forms allows you to create check lists and capture information using Forms in a structured way while offline or online. You no longer need to bring with you many Forms on paper and scan them to the office.

It's always with you, pull it, fill it in and share it.

They are divided in 3 categories : Safety, Quality and Environment.

As a manager or admin in your project/list, you can create Forms from templates

Therefor you should:

  • complete the excel file from following link
  • send this file to your Customer Success Manager so that he can create templates

For the moment, Forms can be created, managed and filled in on iPads only.

You can export them to excel files from our web application.

All people belonging to the same company as you (except subcontractors) will be able to view these forms (if they are invited in the project/list)

Only the user in charge of the form can complete it and finalize it.

When the Form is finalized, a report in PDF is created and added to the list of Documents of your project/list.

With Forms you can

  • Add forms to drawings or plans along with points to have everything on one view

  • Capture information or check the current status in a structured way during various types of visits:
  • Audits, Inspections,Incident reports
  • Quality and Environment (QHSE) issues
  • Health and Safety incidents or training materials (toolbox)
  • Internal work order process
  • Walk Downs, site diary, inventory
  • Hand-over with clients
  • Create Tasks to follow up on issue raised during inspection

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