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What is a Form?

A Form  is a checklist, which allows you to create a digital document containing a series of questions that enable you to perform quality controls, QHSE inspections and other categories of audits in the construction and facility management sectors. Forms allow you to create checklists and capture information using Forms in a structured way while online or offline. You no longer need to bring paper forms and scan them to the office. Your digital forms (aka Forms) are always with you – retrieve and share them anytime, anywhere!

Forms for QHSE and Inspections

Be guided in a few steps to create and plan your multiple controls very quickly. Once the person in charge has been informed of the inspection to be carried out, by using the free app on a tablet or a smartphone, he will be able to access the digital form to answer the questions required in the inspection.

From the same control form, he will be able to note non-conformities, add remarks or create tasks by adding photos, comments and documents. In turn, he will have the opportunity to assign a task, referred to in the app as a Point, to a person.

In this way, a control cycle is set up and allows you not only to obtain a global view of the activities of your site but also to involve all your stakeholders, so everyone knows what to do and when to do them.


Forms are divided in 3 categories : Quality, Safety and Environment.

As a manager or admin in your Project or List, you can create Forms from templates.

Forms can be created, managed and filled on Mobile (Android & iOS smartphones & tablets) only. You can export them to Excel files from our web application. All participants in the same company as you (except subcontractors) will be able to view these Forms (if they are invited in the Project/List). Only the user in charge of the form can complete it and finalise it. When the Form is finalised, a report in PDF is created and added to the list of documents of your Project/List.

With Forms, you can:

  • Add Forms to drawings or plans along with Points to have everything in one view
  • Capture information or check the current status in a structured way during various types of visits:
  • Perform audits and inspections, and file incident reports
  • Capture quality health, safety and environmental (QHSE) issues
  • Access health and safety incidents or training materials (toolbox)
  • Streamline internal work order process
  • Do walk-downs, site diaries, and inventories
  • Do thorough handovers with clients
  • Create tasks to follow up or track issues found during an inspection

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