What happened to my GenieBelt and APROPLAN apps?

APROPLAN and GenieBelt are rebranding to LetsBuild at the end of January 2020. Along with the name changes will follow some updates to our logo and our brand colours. 

To ensure that our rebranding runs smoothly, we have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked rebranding questions. 

Question: What is our new company name?

Answer: LetsBuild. Until we are done merging our two applications into one, APROPLAN and GenieBelt will continue to be two separate applications, but with more and more possibilities to perform synchronised actions between the two.

Question: Why did we change our name?

Answer: We changed our name for a range of reasons, the primary one being to better reflect the services we provide. The challenge was to find a name that symbolised the motion we want to set up together with our customers in the construction sector. "Let's" inspires a movement driven by all the players—us and you, and "Build" for the obvious link to the construction industry, so LetsBuild!

Question: Do you need to update your account details?

Answer: No. No action is required from your side; just keep doing what you're doing. Whether you use APROPLAN or GenieBelt, we'll make sure our applications look the same. 

Question: When will Aproplan and GenieBelt officially change to LetsBuild?

Answer: We are currently in the last phases of our rebranding to LetsBuild with the official change taking place on the 20th of January 2020. 

Question: Why did you choose to merge and not just make an integration between your products?

Answer: Sending data from one application to another is a great way to bridge different tools but we found that there is a need for more than that—we want to build one true solution that seamlessly connects scheduled activities with all the QHSE tasks and to-dos on a construction site. The combination of Aproplan and GenieBelt brings together the complementary strengths and cultural compatibility of the best construction tech solutions to skillfully serve our clients all over the world. 

Question: Who was Aproplan? 

Answer: APROPLAN was a construction management app that provided digital solutions for construction, facilities management and construction-related processes. It has been used successfully in construction collaborations of different scales, BIM-integrated ventures, and in projects that demand strict building compliance. APROPLAN helped firms ease into the digital built environment while increasing project efficiency and boosting profits. 

Question: Who was GenieBelt?

Answer: GenieBelt was a construction management app that focused on bringing project  planning to life. The app resolved common issues about project schedules not being up to date and time consuming to do. GenieBelt brought updates from the field straight to the master plan.

Can’t find your answer? Feel free to contact us at support@letsbuild.com. We’re here to help make the process as easy and painless as possible.

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