How to add participants without inviting them - Web version

You can add a participant to your project without having to invite him or her to join the application. The uninvited participant can only use and interact within the Point Lists function. 

To add a participant in this way, add the person, complete his or her data, and skip the Invite button. 

The application (web) displays uninvited participants in red. If needed, it is possible to add all (uninvited) participants with a single click via the Manage menu.


On the iPad, you can also add participants by clicking on Lists. 

  • Click on the person in charge. 
  • With this function, you can add a new participant to your List. 

  • Click on the + button. 

  • Enter all necessary information. 

Warning: When adding a new participant via iOS, the user does not have access to documents or projects unless you give him or her access on the web part.

Note: To see an overview of the participants in the Whole Project, you must go to the WEB APPLICATION.

Did you encounter any problem? Contact our support or ask your questions online directly on the application.

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