How to activate Push Notifications on your mobile app? iOS Version

Push notifications will help you stay up to date with your tasks in LetsBuild. This feature will help you keep track of your tasks everytime there is an update on what has been assigned to you and the progress of each task you are involved in, everywhere!

How to enable push notifications:

  • When you create an account, you will be asked if you want to stay up with your tasks

  • In the next pop up, select “Allow”

  • All your notifications will be available in the menu with the bell icon at the top right corner of your tab.

If you didn’t allowed notifications initially and now you want enable them

  • Go to your application settings

  • Open the push notifications tab (you will be redirected to your device settings)

  • Go to the Notifications tab

  • Click on “allow notifications” button. You can also define what types of notifications you want to display!

Got a problem? Contact our support here or ask your questions online directly on the app.

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