How do I edit a project ? - Web Version

You can edit the information of a project, the categories and subcategories, the rooms and statuses of the points can be edited at all times.

For this you would have to click on the little wheel

, that you can find back on the thumbnail of the project.

Remark: You should be at least manager of the project 

Choose between one of these 4 tabs to edit the project:

  • The general information of the project
  • The categories, subcategories, subjects and descriptions
  • The rooms
  • The statuses of the points

After you have clicked on a tab, you should click on the function Edit, to be able to adapt the information of this tab.

Once that you have edited your information, you should click on Save to save your modifications.

Important : Depending on your license type you can edit & see more or less tabs. To see & edit the 4 tabs you should have an Enterprise license.

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