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For repeatingly meetings and site visits, you can split points created in each meeting and gather them in different lists.

You can evolve points by evolving the list.

  1. Click therefore on

appearing by hovering on the list.

This icon may not appear if :

  • you have no appropriate access rights on the list.
  • the numbering of the list is Sequential (1,2,3,4...).
  1. A message appears indicating which occurence is being created. If no report has been created in this list, a message will also appear to inform you.
  1. Save your modifications by clicking on the upper right floppy disk

Points of previous occurence will remain and numbering of points created in the new occurence will be incremented (for example :1.01, 1.02... will become 2.01, 2.02,...).

You can this way always know during which site visit points were created.

Please find below some examples of different numberings :

  • Project sequence:
  • Occurence + Sequential:
  • Code + Sequential :
  • Code + Occurence + Sequential :

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