Is everything backed up on GenieBelt?

Yes, we document and keep a record of everything within our system and make it accessible in the cloud. In a regular layman term this mean that you can access all your projects in GenieBelt.. No matter the device (computer, tablet or phone) or your location (on your couch, on a construction site or while on a safari*).

At any given time you can review the audit trail on a task, where all updates are tracked with time stamps for additional details.

For those of you who are a bit more technical
Within GenieBelt, we use SSL encryptions. This ensures the communication between the server and the client can't be decrypted. In addition, we allocate unique passwords for each device in order to minimize the possibility of hacks. All passwords and security tokens in our database are encrypted with a one-way encryption, so even if someone managed to break our security measures, it’s impossible to read passwords or security tokens. Additionally, our great team of hard working developers make sure we only use fully tested software with the latest security updates in our servers.

Moreover we run full backups of all your data, so if anything goes wrong, nothing will be lost.

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