Beats represent each activity that is taken on your project.

A beat is created for nearly every activity on a project. If a task is updated, a person invited, a task assigned, the project name updated, the Beats in ALL will record it for everyone to follow. The type of things that are not included are dependency creation, project export, project report creation, printt gantt.

We present Beats within each project. as well as on the Project Dashboard where we include the beats from all your projects, but this is only available on desktop.

By clicking on a beat we will take you directly to that project/task.

You can Search for any beat by keyword.

From the desktop, you have the option to mark all Beats as read.

Beats will include any images attached, but will not show other attachments. Those will have to be accessed at the task level. On the Mobile version, images are not shown.

From the mobile, you will only have access to the latest data. We do not upload the entire beat history to the mobile app version. As well, with the Audit Trails and within Beats, we do not show the images. The images, are though, attached to the task above the audit trail. They are just now shown in the Audit Trail.


In the All section we show everyone all the beats for this projects.


Relevant beats are beats specific to your user and what we deem most relevant.

If you are an Leader/Admin, your Relevant feed will include all Task Status Updates and Comments on all Tasks.

If you are a Member, your Relevant feed will include all Task Status Updates and comments on tasks where you are assigned. As well, it will include anytime someone mentions (@) you in a task.

If you are an Observer, you will not have any Relevant beats.

Relevant Beats will create a Push Notification if enabled on your Mobile App.

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