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An Enterprise or Enterprise+ license is required

A standard list of 13 statuses can be used to follow-up the points that has been created.

This list can be managed according to your needs. You can add new ones too.

When you want to define the status of a point, you have 2 options:

  • Edit
  • Import a structure from another project

The edit function will give you the opportunity to edit the statuses of the points.

To create a new category you have to click the

that will be visible at the right of the line.

You can also rename, activate and reorganize (drag&drop) the different statuses from the list.

The color of the status can also be modified. The pins of the points will be coloured according to their status.

  • Orange for In progress and planned.
  • Green for done and checked.
  • Light Grey for closed, cancelled and impossible to repair.
  • Red for refused.
  • Blue for "In observation" and "For information".
  • Light green for risk low.
  • Yellow for risk moderate.
  • Brown for risk high.

Statuses for managers (or admin) of the meeting only :

When creating a project, the manager of the project can define some statuses of the points as for managers of meetings only.

These statuses are displayed in bold.

The status of points having a manager-only status can only be changed by a manager. A contributor/guest cannot change the status which is only for a manager, even the contributor can't activate another status for a point.

Save the modifications made by clicking on OK.

You can leave the frame with the function cancel but there won’t be any modification saved to your structure.

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