How to use the dashboard? - Web Version

LetsBuild automatically generates progresses dashboard. When you open your project, you have the possibility to see the advance of this project. 

  1. Open your Project
  2. Click on Dashboard

Dashboard: Points

The app calculates the advance of all the points, and automatically refresh every 5 minutes the page. The following pie chart and histogram that you can examine are:

  • The opened points per category
  • The opened points per status
  • The opened points
    archived points
  • Wave analysis per status
  • The points by due date
  • The points per category

Dashboard: Forms

On the top of the page you have the numbers of Forms completed, question with non-conformities and Forms with non-conformities. 

Afterward, under Forms status,  a five pie charts shows:

  • The difference between opened and archived forms
  • Forms per status
  • Forms conform (or not)
  • Number of Forms per template's title 
  • Forms per type

Under Points status:

  • Opened points from non-conformities per company
  • Opened point per status

How to filter the data in your graph

  • Directly on the graph, click on the desired data
  • Select filter

To cancel the filter, click on clear filter

How to export the dashboard

  • Click on the printer icon at the top left of the screen

How to see the items

Once you have clicked on see items, you will be redirected towards the details of the selected point category.

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