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An Enterprise or Enterprise+ license is required

When you define the room structure, you have 3 possible options:

  • Edit
  • Import from Excel
  • Import structure from another project

With the function Edit you are able to add rooms on level 1 and 2

For this you would have to click on the

  • Add the code and assign a name for rooms on level 1

⚠️ Rooms on level 1 only define the structure of your rooms. This level helps you find your way around if you end up having too many rooms on level 2.

Example: Building 1, Building 2, and so on.

  • Add the code and assign a name for rooms on level 2

⚠️ Rooms on level 2 are the ones you can select when you create a task or control within the application. They allow you to give a precise location of your created task or control.

Example: Toilets, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Room 1, and so on.*

The function Save at the right top gives you the possibility to save all rooms that you have inserted.

With the function Import from Excel

you are able to create personalized list of rooms from Excel.

With the function Import from another project you are able to add rooms coming from another project. For more information you should click here.

With the function Cancel, this frame will be closed without keeping any modification.

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