Projects Dashboard

The Projects Dashboard provides you an overview of all the projects and companies you have access to. The Projects are grouped by the companies that own them, alphabetically ordered.

By default, your projects are shown in an icon view, but we allow you to also view them in a list format. Both views provide a project name search field.

From this page you can do the following:

  • See Project Details
  • Access a Project
  • Create a New Project
  • Access your Archived Projects
  • Access Project Settings (if you are the Project Lead/Admin)
  • Create a Company
  • Access Company Info (if you are part of the company)

See Project Details

Each Project shows the project name, project leaders initials/picture and the project image, and the actual/expected percentage represented in a progress bar.

You can hover over items to receive more detail like the percentage numbers or Project Leaders name.

In the list view we show you the start date, end date and your role. You can also filter by each data point.

Access a Project

To access a project, simply click on the image/name.

Create a New Project

To create a new project click on the green box ‘Add a new project’. You can only do this for companies you are part of.

Access an Archived Project

At the bottom of the dashboard is the Archived Projects section. Open it to see all the projects that you have archived. To restore them click on the Restore button to the right.

Access Project Settings

If you are a Project Admin or the Project Leader, you can access the Project Settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Create a New Company

You can create a new company from the Project Dashboard.

By creating a company you will have the Role as Company Manager. You can then begin to add projects and members to this company.

To learn more about Companies, go to this article.

Access Company Profile

If you are part of a company you will see the buttons for Projects and Members to the right of the company. The buttons will give you access to the Company Profile, where you can:

  • See the Companies Projects and Members
  • Join any of their Projects
  • Create New Projects
  • Manage Company Members (only company admins/manager)
  • Manage Company Settings (only company admins/manager)

To learn more about the Company Profile, go to this article.

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