Release 3.5 iOS (April 3, 2018)

Improved experience on the points with

  • Clearer overview of all the point details and actions
  • Directly edit or comment a point from the details overview
  • Select a due date for a point further in the past than the current month
  • Ability to define a custom title when generating reports
  • Ability to directly add a comment to give more context to an answer of a new form in addition to pictures (only for new Forms template)
  • Smoother data synchronisation, blocking only items with issues instead of blocking the entire set of data.


Release 3.4 iOS (Feb 9, 2018)
  • Be more complete during your quality checks by adding pictures and external links in the description of your Forms
  • Change the orientation of your plans for a better grip on site.
  • Form grouping by dates, statuses and categories to save time in your research.
  • Keep your workspace clear and precise by archiving and retrieving your Forms easily. 

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