Company Profile

The Company Profile is a great way for you to get an overview of all the projects and members of a company.

You can access the Company Profile from the Projects Dashboard.

You can only access the profile for companies you are part of. For those companies, you will see the buttons for Project and Members to the right of the company name on the Projects Dashboard.

Within the Company Profile, you can do the following:

  • See the Companies Projects and Members
  • Join any of their Projects
  • Create New Projects
  • Manage Company Members (only company admins/manager)
  • Manage Company Settings (only company admins/manager)

Company Projects

From the Company Projects page, you can see a list of all their projects, join projects you are not part of and create new projects.

Each project that is owned by the company is listed along with the Project Name, Owner, Start/End Date, Progress Percent, and your role in the Project.

If you are not part of the project, you will see a Join button within the Role column. It is here you can easily add yourself to the project. If you are a Company Admin, you will be added to the project as an Admin. If you are only a Company Member, you will only be added as a Member.

Lastly, you can create new projects from this page. The project will automatically be owned by this company.

Company Members

From the Company Members page, you can see a list of all the users within company. Each user is listed with their name, email and their role in the company.

Company Admins can update user roles and can invite/remove users.

Company Settings

If you are a Company Admin, you can change the name of the company.

Only Company Managers can delete the company. You must move all projects, remove members to delete company.

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